My tea way

In my life, I always try to take the best result in any thing, which I do (ofc, I try to sort important things from useless).

So, many years ago I tried to find best tea and drink this best tea excepting to drink average quality tea. So, once upon a time, one interesting person gifted me very expensive english tea. I can not say name of this brand due to secret. So, I took this gift and tasted it. And it was awesome. It was the best tea, which I ever drunk. And I drunk and drunk this tea. And interesting fact is now I have large and strong experience in tea and I understand, that that tea (from gift) was not very good.

And after a few years I have found tea club in my town, and then I also have found the best tea club in our country —

So, at present, tea — is a large part of my life. I drink it sometimes, sometimes I drink it 2-3 times in a day, sometimes I drink it with my colleagues or friends.

My tea way

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