My little opinion about The Great Gatsby novel

I need to start with declaring my little goal (or dream). So, it is to read this novel in original. I need to increase my level of english to do it. And I am certain, that I will be success in this!

So, I have read this novel 2 times. First time I have read it in 2016 year, when I was in trip. And I have read it in 1 or 2 days (very fast). Because, quality of writing (and due to this of reading) is excellent. For me, I can read this novel as easy as I can drink pure warm water. Second time was a few weeks ago. And, also, I have watched movie with awesome Leonardo DiCaprio in main role. And, also (sorry for so much also here), I need to say, that I liked a lot 2 songs from this movie: Young And Beautiful and Over the Love.

Soooooo, I need to start to write my opinion!)

My opinion that it is a great novel. This novel shows us weakness of a rich. This novel shows us wrong and weak goals, which we can set for us and make mistake. This novel shows us that sometimes you can not return your young deals. And, of course, this novel shows us that we need to control our emotions.

We have narrator (Nick Carraway), who starts to tell this history to us and who transport us by the whole novel. This guy always run with silly smile and this guy in the main line and not in the line, he is like an observer.

We have Tom Buchanan. Strong and large. And, of course, rich. And, how I see and how I think, his richness undeservedly, but it frequent situation and author not focus us on this. It is very rare — when some guy stay certain on his legs with his richness. And when this guy really build all of his richness from zero.
Also, Tom is a racist and he is very certain in himself. He certain and know, what things is owned by him. By this idea, how I think, he took out Daisy.

We have Nick’s girlfriend. She is strange. In this time, I can not say who is she. May be, author show us callous and indifferent average class of our society in her face? Who knows…

Of course, we have Daisy Buchanan. She is wonderful and beautiful. She is always shining. But, for me, she is very-very empty. She is shallow. And she is the wrong goal of main character of this novel. She can’t make choise. She can’t make decision. She can’t make decision when she went to marrying with Tom and she can’t make decision when she stayed between Tom and Gatsby.

Jay Gatsby.

Very interesting person. I thought, that he became rich due only to be with Daisy. But, how showed us his father, he wanted to be successfull as in his childhood (when he planned his day to raise up his skills).
His main fault is his wrong goal. His goal was is shallow Daisy.

But, may be, if his goal would different, he would not became rich, um?