A little presentation of chess from me

Chess is a great and an ancient game. Chess is a game, which can not be calculated by computer at nowadays. Chess is a game, where you can always improve and improve yourself and your own skill. You can not reach all of the chess, you can only move and move forward in understanding of chess. Also, the most strongest chess player in world sometimes lose his matches or lose his tournaments (but, in common, he win it, of course).

How said (and wrote book) one of the strongest chess-players in the world: «Chess is the model of the life». And we can see this rule in reality. For example, everyone have three part in the life: some start period (childhood, may be), middle-time (when you are living and trying ty reach some goals), and end-time (when you can stop working and be on retirement).
Also, most of today chess-matches have time limits. And, we, in our life, also have time limit. In chess match we can’t think a lot, as a rule (in average) we have 1 hour and 30 minutes for one chess match. And we, also, have time limit for whole our life and in our daily life we have time for work and time for sleep too, for example.
In chess game we can make some gambit. We can sacrifice pawn in start of game for taking some space and due to this take some initiative for our future attack.
Also is life. We can sacrifice our desire to watching Instagram and replace them on meditation or on reading self-improvement books. Also, we can sacrifice our money for education course about, for example, better sleep, and it will return for us in future with improvement of energy level.

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